The gateway of our soul

Emphasis on the Eyes

The eyes are said to be the gateway of our soul and studies confirm that we spend more time looking at a person’s eyes than any other feature on a face. The eyebrows and lid fold lines are highly visible features framing the eyes. Our orbicularis, corrugators, procerus and frontalis muscles act intricately around the eyes, making tiny but perceptible adjustments to the eye aperture and brow shape. Even subtle deviations in their positioning are markers of emotion, alertness, and age. Pet owners know that even animals focus on the eyes to send and receive signals.

The ideal position of the youthful female eye-brow has been described by many. Westmore’s 1975 model of the ideal eyebrow has been refined by 3 decades of critical assessment and pattern recognition among attractive faces.

T.A. Cook (1989) modified Westmore’s definition and described the ideal brow position as follows:

The medial brow should begin in the same vertical plane as the ala and medial canthus; the temporal brow should end along an oblique line extending from the ala through lateral canthus and lie at approximately the same horizontal level as the medial beginning; the apex of the brow should lie lateral to the lateral limbus approximately over the lateral canthus.


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