What Makes a Face Attractive?(2)

Average and Non Average Features of Attractive Faces

Our current understanding is that attractive faces possess both average and non average characteristics. Average features display balance and symmetry and are biased by the beholder’s surrounding social environment.(Newton JT et al 2005) This average mental template for either male or female faces forms a baseline image from which all other faces are compared, permitting efficient differentiation between the faces of different people. (Little et al 2005) Although average faces have been shown to be less memorable, this same averageness also increases attractiveness (Vokey and Read 1992). Non-average characteristics include youth, virility, energy and positive expressions.(Baudouin JY et al 2004 ) Faces expressing positive emotions (smiling, relaxed) are perceived as more attractive than those with negative emotions (sad, angry, or worried). (Tatarunaite et al 2005)


5 responses to “What Makes a Face Attractive?(2)

  1. Yes that is true..when I was going to technical school learning painting and drawing I discovered the hidden beauty of a human face when I was looking thru paintings of the old european masters..the perfect simmetry of eyes nose and lips the relaxed or pensive expresion the colouring of skin eyes and hair..humans can sometimes be nature work of art..and the example of natural male beauty can be french actor Alain Delon..if you analize his face the perfect simmetry of his features the shape the expresion and the intense gaze of his eyes, his mouth and lips and his beautiful face enhanced by dark hair..he is the epitome of male beauty..

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