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The purpose of this blog is to discuss issues in ophthalmology and oculoplastic surgery, and especially how these fields relate to patients of Asian and mixed Asian decent.

Humans as a species have evolved divergently into distinctly recognizable races in all corners of the globe. Each local population in every village of the world has achieved a stable genetic equilibrium ideally suited their own environment. In the colder forests of Europe, people developed longer legs, but shorter torsos to preserve heat, while evolving larger noses to warm the air that they breathed. In the hot tropics of Africa, increased melanin in the skin protected against carcinogenic UV light. In the grassy plains of Asia, the orbital bones and soft tissues around the eyes established an ideal shape to shield against the wind. Until this century, these peaks of human evolution have remained relatively separate.

Our generation is seeing an explosion of inter racial marriages. One third of Asian children being born today on the West Coast will be of mixed heritage. In college I learned that the mixing of dissimilar genes provides an overall health benefit by bringing together the best of both parents. With major change however, there are always both positive and negative waves.

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